Academic Innovation Center (AIC)

Bryant’s Academic Innovation Center, the groundbreaking resource for experiential learning that opened in fall of 2016, expands upon the successes gleaned from the Ideation Lab and Bello 102. Within its 48,000 square feet are breakout spaces that inspire design thinking and creative problem solving; tiered classrooms that encourage debate and build critical thinking and communication skills; flat classrooms that support flexible teaching styles and encourage collaboration; and the Innovation Forum, a space where furnishings and whiteboards can be reconfigured to support various group learning activities. Kip Ellis, lead designer of the Center, describes some of the key design drivers for the building.

The building has 10 classrooms, five of which are “tiered” rooms inspired by the case study method of teaching, and the other five are “flat”, with furniture that is fully reconfigurable to accommodate different pedagogies and classroom dynamics. Twenty-four study and breakout rooms are available for student work, and the large Innovation Forum provides a space for presentations, conferences, workshops and other academic activities. All of the spaces within the AIC have wireless networking, and many rooms have digital displays that can be connected to wirelessly.



Rooms are available to be scheduled by small groups for study and project activities. These rooms vary in capacity and furniture.

Use & Occupancy Guidelines

  • AIC study rooms may only be reserved by Bryant University students.
  • Study rooms are intended for group study and collaborative work
  • Minimum occupancy: 3 students.
  • Maximum time per booking: 3 hours
  • Maximum weekly use: 6 hours
  • Unoccupied rooms are available to individuals and smaller groups on a first come, first served basis


Login to the AIC Study Room Scheduling system to begin the study room reservation process

  • Click on available time slot(s)
  • Review booking details. Click “Submit Time slots” when ready
  • Use your Bryant username and email password to authenticate
  • Click “Submit my Booking” to reserve your time slot
    You will receive an email verification

Personal property may not be used to “hold” a group study room and may be removed if left unattended.

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