advisory boards

Faculty and student advisory boards play an important role in guiding the direction and decisions of educational institutions. Faculty members are typically experienced educators with a deep understanding of the curriculum and pedagogy, while student advisors bring a fresh perspective and represent the student body. These boards can provide valuable input on program development, student support services, and campus-wide initiatives. They also serve as a bridge between the administration and the rest of the campus community, providing a forum for open discussion and honest feedback. Overall, faculty and student advisory boards help ensure that educational institutions are meeting the needs of their students and staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

faculty advisory board

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s Faculty Advisory Board is made up of esteemed faculty members who have previously served as Faculty Fellows with the CTE. Their main role is to offer ongoing guidance on the center’s strategic and long-term initiatives and vision. The board acts as a valuable resource for the CTE, providing valuable insight into the needs of the university’s academic community.

The Faculty Advisory Board members use their expertise to ensure that the CTE stays on the cutting edge of innovation in teaching and learning, and strives to continually improve the quality of instruction at Bryant University.

Current board members are:

  • Charlie Cullinan
  • Maryella Gainor 
  • Rich Holtzman
  • Mike Roberto
  • Hakan Saraoglu

student advisory board

The Center for Teaching Excellence’s Student Advisory Board is a group of dedicated students who are committed to enhancing the teaching and learning experience at Bryant University. The primary role of the board is to serve as a valuable resource for faculty and staff by providing regular guidance on teaching and learning topics and issues that are experienced from a student’s perspective in the classroom.

Current board members are:

  • Zach Clasby – ’25
  • Ava Genova – ’24
  • Tracey Hellinger – ’23
  • Karli Reed – ’25
  • Cianni Thomas – ’23

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