aic flat classrooms

The AIC has 5 “flat” classrooms, described below. All furniture is on casters, and the rooms can be easily reconfigured as appropriate to the instructional context. Standard Equipment in each room includes:

  • Wireless projection with auxiliary inputs for connecting a laptop;
  • Touch-panel for AV controls
  • A portable, self-contained videoconference system is available for checkout and use in all flat classrooms.
  • A dedicated computer with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

These rooms differ as follows:

Room 130
90″ flat panel display (touch sensitive) in the center, and six wall mounted 55” flat panel displays around the room for student groups. In a typical scenario, the instructor’s laptop is connected to the large 90” display, while student groups connect to an adjacent 55” display.

Rooms 131, 236
90” flat panel display on opposing walls (one is touch sensitive). The instructor or students can connect to either of the displays.

Room 235
Eight 55″ flat panel displays around room for student groups and no primary teaching display

Room 237 is unique. It has a movable partition that can be used to divide the 50 seat capacity room into two 25 seat rooms (237a and 237b). Each half of the room has a 90″ flat panel display (non-touch sensitive) that can be connected to wirelessly by either instructor or students.

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