technology in the classroom

The Center for Teaching Excellence and Academic Computing and Media Services are pleased to announce the Technology in the Classroom Program.  The program supports technology use by faculty to improve the teaching and learning experience in and out of the classroom.

Our 2022 application asked faculty to propose how they would use an iPad to enhance or explore teaching tools and techniques in the classroom next year. Rich Holtzman, Associate Professor of Political Science, has been selected as the inaugural recipient. Professor Holtzman’s proposal was chosen based on his detailed and thoughtful ideas to make the classroom experience more interactive, inclusive, and streamlined.

Faculty interested in exploring tablet use in the classroom are encouraged to contact Dave Gannon, Director of Technology and Innovation and Phil Lombardi, Director of Academic Computing and Media Services for technology training and access, and the Center for Teaching Excellence for instructional consults

Phil Lombardi - Director of Academic Computing | Rich Holtzman - Associate Professor of History and Social Sciences | Ilisabeth Bornstein - Lecturer of History and Social Sciences & Interim Director Center for Teaching Excellence

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