SAGe early alert system

What is SAGE?

SAGE is Bryant’s academic early alert system. It serves to streamline retention efforts and direct students to the appropriate campus resource by helping ACE and Undergraduate Advising identify students in need of academic support.

Why would a faculty member submit a SAGE referral?

SAGE is designed to address academic challenges students are experiencing. Some common reasons that faculty submit SAGE referrals include:

  • Problems with class attendance
  • Missing or late coursework
  • D or F on project/test/paper/assignment
  • Persistent, Severe, or Objectively Offensive Conduct Issues
  • Other academic concerns

Please note that if a student is experiencing emotional challenges of concern, faculty should consider submitting a CARE Team referral instead of, or in addition to, a SAGE referral.

How do faculty access SAGE?

  • From on or off-campus access the Bryant Portal, then select SAGE from the Quick Launch dropdown menu.
  • At the SAGE welcome page, click on “Faculty Options” on the right side of the page.
  • Select “Faculty Courses,” “Roster Referrals,” then choose “Faculty Referral.”
  • Click on each name to access the referral form for a specific student or select “Expand All” to display a referral form for each student. 
  • You also have the ability to apply the same reason/recommendation to multiple students at once. Select “All Selected and Shown” and check the checkboxes for each student we want to affect. Now when we make a recommendation or apply a reason to one student, it will also complete the same information for all other checked students.
  • Upon completion of the referral form, choose “Save” at the bottom of the list.

What happens when a faculty member submits a SAGE referral for a student?

When a SAGE referral is submitted, the student’s academic advisor is notified, along with Stephanie Carter, Director of ACE, Kristin Pidgeon, Associate Director of Undergraduate Advising, and ACE’s Learning Specialist, Cindy Mueller. The staff of Undergraduate Advising and ACE work to connect with the student and make a plan for improvement. Once a staff member of ACE or Advising has worked with the student to address the concerns in the SAGE referral, faculty receive notification that the SAGE referral is being closed.

Faculty should keep in mind that SAGE should not replace faculty/student interactions.  If a faculty member is worried about a student’s academic performance, in addition to the alert system, they are encouraged to continue communicating with the student to express their concerns.

In addition, these outreach efforts don’t always yield positive results. Additional feedback on the student’s academic performance is welcome and can be submitted through SAGE as well.

I submitted a SAGE referral for a student but never received confirmation that my concern for the student was addressed. Why?

When Undergraduate Advising and ACE receive a SAGE referral for a student, they make every effort to reach the student. They may email, call, and collaborate with Student Affairs to do so. However, these efforts are not always successful in connecting with a student. If the team is unable to address the SAGE referral with a student, then the faculty will not receive a notification of resolution.

The SAGE system doesn’t seem to be working correctly for me. How can I get help with this?

For any difficulties with using SAGE, please contact Stephanie Carter, Director of ACE, or Kelley Tiarks, Associate Director of ACE.  

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