About the Bryant Qualtrics License

The Bryant Qualtrics license reflects our Bryant brand, and account holders are expected to follow appropriate policies for conduct and behavior. See Acceptable Use Policies for more information.

The use of Qualtrics is expected to adhere to the principles of the IRB, and researchers are expected to submit surveys for review under the IRB when appropriate. See IRB Policies and Procedures for more information.

Account holders who collaborate with external users are expected to follow practices for external use. See Qualtrics External Use Considerations for more information.

Developing Qualtrics Surveys

To develop a Qualtrics survey, you must be a currently enrolled student or currently employed faculty or staff member.

  1. Students and Employees can self-sign up for a Qualtrics account and are assigned a user role based on their primary affiliation with Bryant—student, faculty, or staff.
  2. Surveys can be used for only official Bryant activities, Bryant classroom work, or research associated with Bryant faculty/staff professional development.
  3. No personal surveys are allowed on Bryant’s Qualtrics brand.
  4. Surveys must be closed within 30-days of the end date for active response collection.
  5. Students may have no more than two active surveys. Students may not collaborate externally without prior approval from Bryant Qualtrics Brand Administrators (Robert Jones or Terri Hasseler).
  6. Temporary or contract employees are not allowed to create an account without prior approval from the Bryant Qualtrics Brand Administrators (Robert Jones or Terri Hasseler).
  7. Staff may have four active surveys and work in collaboration with external users.
  8. Faculty may have unlimited surveys and work in collaboration with external users.
  9. If faculty assign a survey in a course, they are to remind students to close the survey upon completion of collection of data.

Supporting faculty and staff research and student learning is key to this process. These policies allow for us to maintain our partnership with Qualtrics and to support your research.

Updates to Qualtrics Usage at Bryant

As of November 17, surveys will be deactivated that are not currently collecting data and that do not meet the guidelines listed above. Further maintenance activities may affect your usage, so please review your usage, and forward any questions to Robert Jones or Terri Hasseler. You can find a guide on deleting unused surveys here.

Many questions about Qualtrics and Qualtrics usage can be addressed through the IS help page. Please see IS Help Page on Qualtrics for more information.

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