Bryant University is excited to offer our faculty a professional development opportunity as part of our commitment to instructional excellence and student success.  This opportunity is available to all full-time faculty who will be teaching in Academic Year 2022-23, as well as adjunct faculty who have taught at Bryant for at least three years.

Through a partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE), Bryant University will offer our faculty members the opportunity to enroll in ACUE’s course in Effective Teaching Practices.

The program addresses all of the core competencies and is organized into five major areas of practice:

  • Designing an Effective Course
  • Establishing a Productive Learning Environment
  • Using Active Learning Strategies
  • Promoting Higher Order Thinking
  • Assessing to Inform Instruction and Promote Learning

Of the thousands of faculty members who have enrolled in ACUE’s courses:

  • 94% found the course content relevant to their work
  • 94% found the course helpful in refining their teaching practice
  • 88% would recommend the course to a colleague

This 25-week course prepares faculty in evidence-based teaching practices proven through independently validated research to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. Faculty members who complete the program earn a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction, the only college teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE).  You can preview the course content by using this link:  Effective Teaching Practices. You will be in a cohort with other colleagues from Bryant as you work through the modules and will be engaging in live and asynchronous discussions about the material as a group.

Faculty members who complete the course will earn the Certificate in Effective College Instruction and earn digital badges, which can be added to your curriculum vitae, used in online teaching portfolios, and displayed on LinkedIn profiles or webpages as a sign of your achievement.

2022-2023 acue graduates

  • Elka Arredondo, Instructor in Biology and Biomedical Sciences
  • Kojo Asare, Professor of Accounting
  • Hannah Bell-Lombardo, Instructor in Marketing
  • Paul Boisvert, Instructor in Economics
  • Lori Coakley, Professor of Management
  • Charlie Cullinan, Professor of Accounting
  • Kathleen Daly, Lecturer in History, Literature, and Arts
  • Jodi Devine, Research and Instruction Librarian
  • Holly Dygert, Lecturer in Politics, Law and Society
  • Rick Gorvett, Professor of Mathematics and Economics
  • Judith Hart, Instructor in Psychology
  • Jennifer Horan, Lecturer in History, Literature, and Arts
  • Muni Kelly, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Jongsung Kim, Professor of Mathematics and Economics
  • Huan Kuang, Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Cathy Zheng, Assistant Professor of Finance
  • Chen Zhang, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
  • Isil Yavuz, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Tim Wolksi, Instructor in Marketing
  • Alicia Lamere, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Economics
  • Valerie Leduc, Lecturer in Management
  • E. Jin Lee, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Gail Fowler Mohanty, Instructor in History, Literature, and Arts
  • CJ Oliva, Assistant Professor of Communication and Language
  • Xiaofei Pan, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Economics
  • Janet Prichard, Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
  • Andres Ramirez, Associate Professor of Finance
  • Paul Roselli, Instructor in Biology and Biomedical Sciences
  • Yasamin Salmani, Assistant Professor of Management
  • ML Tlachac, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
  • Mark Vozella, Lecturer in Management

2021-2022 acue graduates

  • Brian Blais, Professor of Science and Technology
  • Ronald Bobroff, Associate Professor of History
  • John Dietrich, Professor of History
  • Maura Dowling, Lecturer in Finance
  • Tony Houston, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
  • Martha Kuhlman, Professor of Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Ryan Marnane, Lecturer in Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Jennifer Mier, Lecturer in Accounting
  • Jane Perry, Lecturer in Modern Languages
  • Warren Powell, Lecturer in Economics
  • Elena Precourt, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Mary Robins, Lecturer in Communications
  • Jacqueline Saslawski, Lecturer in Management, Director of International Business Program
  • Kenneth Sousa, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
  • Michele Varin, Lecturer in Information Systems and Analytics
  • Ron Washburn, Senior Lecturer in Legal Studies
  • Leila Zbib, Assistant Professor in Finance

2020-2021 acue graduates

  • Constanza Bartholomae, Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Ilisabeth Bornstein, Lecturer of Legal Studies
  • Mary Anne Clarke, Lecturer of History and Social Science
  • Michael Gravier, Professor of Marketing
  • Jennifer Hurrell, Visiting Professor of Science and Technology
  • A Can Inci, Professor of Finance
  • Suhong Li, Professor of Information Systems and Analytics
  • Son Nguyen, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Allison Papini, Physician Assistant Program
  • Joanne Petrie, Psychology Department
  • Paul Ullucci, Science and Technology Department
  • Cindy Zdravkovic, Adjunct Professor of Communications

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