library makerspace

Did you know that the Krupp Library has an incubator space? Bello 215, located on the second floor of the library is open for business! This innovative makerspace provides access to several tools and technologies to help Bryant faculty, staff, and students design, create, and iterate. Library staff are familiar with the tools in the space and can help you to get started exploring and experimenting. This space is co-supported by Academic Computing and has been partially funded by a Champlin grant spearheaded by Provost Sulmasy.

  • Makerbot 3-D Printer (2 printers available)
    We currently have various colors of filament for use in the 3-D printers and are not charging for prints at this time. Booking the 3-D printer is encouraged and can be done through the library homepage or by going booking site. We ask that the print files are in acceptable format and that the job not take more than approximately twelve hours. See the booking link for more specifics on the printers. 

  • Cricut Air – Cutting Machine
    We have a very limited amount of supplies available for this machine, but users are welcome and encouraged to bring materials that they wish to use for cutting letters and other graphics or designs.

  • HP Sprout (Trial Machine)
    The HP Sprout, which is currently on loan from HP, is a computer with a built-in projector, camera, depth sensor and scanner. It includes a touch mat that can be used to interact with 2D and 3D content. Current testing tools are a virtual DJ tool, virtual keyboard, and 3D drawing options. 

  • IDEUM Board
    This multitouch display
    , mounted on the wall in the incubator space, can be used to explore objects, manipulate data, and interact with information. It includes software such as GestureWorks, which allows users to author interactive displays of data. Additionally, we have a second IDEUM board on a motorized cart, which can be used as an upright display, tilted, or even as a table.

We are always open to suggestions for other types of technologies and are currently investigating the usefulness of a sewing machine for this space. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to email them to or give us a call 401-232-6125. Looking forward to seeing you explore and create in your library!

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