2020 - FACULTY fellows

Ilisabeth Bornstein

Lecturer of History and Social Sciences

Ilisabeth Bornstein is a Lecturer in Legal Studies and Pre-Law Advisor. Her teaching interests include Law, Writing, Legal Analysis, and Legal Ethics. In addition to helping the Center develop sustainable programming, Liz will continue to coordinate the growing Curated Class Feedback program.

Ella Browning

Assistant Professor of English and Cultural Studies

Ella is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies and Coordinator of the Writing Workshop. Her teaching interests span a broad range of topics, from composition and rhetoric to disability studies and feminist theory. She is helping faculty create and assess writing-based assignments in online and hybrid classroom settings.

Maryella Gainor

Senior Lecturer of Accounting

MaryElla Gainor is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Accounting. She brings extensive real-world experience into the classroom. Her areas of teaching interest include active and experiential learning, flipping the classroom, and innovation in the classroom. She is sharing her practices in creating interactive teaching and learning experiences.

Richard Holtzman

Associate Professor of History and Social Sciences

Rich Holtzman is an Associate Professor of Political Science and the Coordinator of the Political Science Program. He teaches courses in American politics and the First-Year Gateway Program. He has published articles on teaching and learning, with specific interests in the development of active learning exercises and constructivist teaching.

Michael Roberto

Professor of Management

Michael Roberto is a Professor and Trustee Professor of Management, Director of the Center for Program Innovation, a co-founder of Bryant’s IDEA Program, and recipient of numerous awards for his teaching. Mike is interested in using peer feedback and classroom observation techniques to strengthen pedagogies and classroom dynamics.

Hakan Saraoglu

Professor of Finance

Hakan Saraoglu is a Professor in the Department of Finance. He teaches international financial management and investments courses. His research interests are in international finance, portfolio management, financial modeling, and machine learning applications in finance.

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