2021 - FACULTY fellows

Allison Butler

Professor of Psychology

Allison Butler is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Bryant IDEA Program. Her research focuses on learning and cognition in K-12 populations, environmental influences on children, and higher education pedagogy. Her Fellowship interests include research into effective Teaching & Learning Policies, Pedagogies for an Inclusive Classroom, and Interdisciplinarity.

Charlie Cullinan

Professor of Accounting

Charlie is a Professor of Accounting whose teaching and research interests include corporate governance and risk management. As a Fellow, Charlie is interested in differentiated instruction and personalized learning, the scholarship of teaching and learning, and strategies for creating an inclusive classroom.

Ryan Marnane

Lecturer of English and Cultural Studies

Ryan is a Lecturer in English and Cultural Studies with interests in interdisciplinary pedagogies both within and outside the classroom setting. As a Fellow, Ryan will pursue his work on furthering inclusive and equitable orientations toward instruction and the assessment of student work.

Gao Niu

Professor of Mathematics

Gao Niu is Assistant Professor of Mathematics whose research interests span Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Actuarial Science. He is interested in helping faculty develop inclusive classroom practices with a focus on helping international students engage fully in the the academic classroom experience.

Dirk Primus

Associate Professor of Management

Dirk is Associate Professor of Management whose scholarly interests include Creativity Management and Emerging Market Strategies. His Fellowship initiatives include sharing his expertise in Mind Mapping tools, agile classroom technologies such as ambulatory teaching from a tablet, and measuring improvement in critical thinking skills.

Joan Zaretti

Lecturer of English and Cultural Studies

Joan is a Lecturer of English and Cultural Studies with teaching and research interests in world music, music education, and creativity and the arts. As a Fellow she wants to promote designs and practices for creating an inclusive syllabus, and how to incorporate creativity in classroom pedagogies.

Cathy Zheng

Assistant Professor of Finance

Cathy is Assistant Professor of Finance with scholarly interests in international and corporate finance. As a Fellow, she is developing effective pedagogies for incorporating experiential learning using interdisciplinary concepts and strategies.

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