The Center for Teaching Excellence is hosting a series of informal workshops and information sharing sessions throughout the summer. Sessions are held twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 3:00 PM.  Please suggest a topic that you would like to share with your colleagues – it could be on an approach that you have used successfully in the classroom, or developed to use during our remote teaching challenge. Sessions will be on ZOOM, and materials are posted online as available.
More information here.

Using Respondus 4.0 to Generate Quizzes and Exams

This session will review how to utilize Respondus 4.0 to import a variety of different test question types (i.e. multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, matching, hotspot) into Blackboard from a Microsoft Word document.  Additional test features and settings will be examined such as the use of question pools with a random block option that randomly pulls different questions for each student, randomized question order, time limits, and auto-submission.

Presented by: Jennifer Hurrel
Date: Tuesday, June 23rd 
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Zoom Session: https://bryant.zoom.us/j/98421439453

Using Technology to Augment Classroom and Laboratory Experiences in Anatomy 

This presentation will discuss ways to incorporate technology into traditional pedagogical approaches of teaching human anatomy such as the traditional classroom and laboratory setting. Immersive technology such as the 3D virtual anatomy program located in the library will be discussed as both a learning and testing platform. Use of computer based 3D and 2D human anatomy programs such as Primal Pictures (anatomy.TV) and Anatomage table as a means of enhancing student learning and participation will also be presented.

Presented by: Professor Paul Ullucci
Date: Thursday, June 25th
Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Zoom Session: https://bryant.zoom.us/j/96793089426