Inclusive Pedagogies

Teaching inclusively means embracing student diversity in all forms -- race, ethnicity, gender, disability, socioeconomic background, ideology, even personality traits like introversion -- as an asset. It means designing and teaching courses in ways that foster talent in all students, but especially those who come from groups traditionally excluded in higher education.

With an unambiguous emphasis on student learning, well-being, and a sense of belonging in and outside the classroom, Bryant’s Center for Teaching Excellence provides workshops, university-wide programming, and one-on-one consultations for educators interested in advancing their inclusive pedagogies. From Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies to Trauma-Informed Teaching and Anti-Racist Teaching, there are many inclusive and equity-centered pedagogies to consider when developing curriculum and planning for the delivery of content. In addition to upcoming CTE programming and events, learn more about inclusive pedagogies with a CTE consult, workshop, or learning community:

  • One-on-One Faculty Consultation
    Want to brainstorm and draft a diversity and inclusion statement for your syllabus? Do you have a statement on student well-being and mental health resources and services on campus? From course and syllabus design to community-building strategies and the grading and assessment of student work, the CTE provides a wide breadth of resources and support for instructors. Contact Ryan Marnane to schedule a time to meet and discuss strategies for embracing a more inclusive and equity-centered classroom learning community.

  • Five-Minute Workshops
    Is your college, school, department, or community of practice interested in learning more about inclusive pedagogies? Contact Ryan Marnane for a short workshop, presentation, or brainstorming session on plus-one (1+) strategies for embracing a more inclusive and equity-centered classroom learning community.

  • Join a Learning Community
    From book groups to monthly informal faculty gatherings, CTE offers various ways to connect and collaborate with colleagues about inclusive pedagogies. Contact Ryan Marnane for more info about ongoing learning communities or for support in starting your own!

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