Bryant University Faculty Innovation Grants

Bryant University has a long history of innovation in the classroom. In an effort to encourage faculty to pursue innovation, the Provost’s Office and the Center for Teaching Excellence annually award five $2,000 grants to faculty members introducing a substantial innovation into the classroom at Bryant. The call for proposals is typically issued in the late spring. Proposals are reviewed by the previous year’s Innovation Grant winners, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Provost’s Office. Winners are announced in early summer. View a list of previous winners here, and a Bryant News story on the program here.

2021-2022 Deadline for Proposal Submission has closed. See the 2021 Awardees here.

Innovation Grant Proposal Format:

The innovation grant proposal must include the following elements:

  • Faculty member’s name and department
  • Description of the proposed initiative
  • List of goals and objectives that the initiative seeks to achieve
  • Identification of developmental activities that the grant would fund, including a budget
  • Explanation of how the impact on student learning, engagement, satisfaction, or other key outcomes will be assessed.

Submissions might propose activities such as:

  • A new type of applied learning experience outside of the classroom.
  • A new use of technology to enhance student learning
  • A new program to increase faculty-student engagement
  • A new initiative to enhance the level of faculty-student collaboration on research
  • A new type of project in which students engage in independent learning outside of the classroom
  • A new online or blended learning course
  • A new co-curricular experience that enhances faculty-student engagement

Some proposals may involve the development of new courses or course modules. We welcome those ideas, but please note that the course itself will have to be approved through the usual curriculum review process. The Center for Teaching Excellence will help support the development process, but it cannot approve new courses.

Grants are submitted to the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence ( by the announced deadline. Electronic submission is strongly preferred.

Grant monies may be used to fund software, hardware, conferences, training seminars, or serve as a stipend for developing a new initiative. Upon notification of winning a grant, faculty members should contact the AA Business Manager to discuss distribution of award monies. Grant funds can be distributed in one of three ways: payroll distribution (subject to taxes), expense reimbursement (requires an expense report with original, itemized receipts supporting each transaction with proof of payment), or direct payment to vendors using a check request or an approved University credit card. All payments and reimbursements should occur by May 31st unless prior arrangements are made with the AA Business Manager. Distribution of grant funds cannot run into the following fiscal year.

Faculty receiving Innovation Grants are required to present their innovation and results at the REDay, or some other agreed upon public event, following the grant award. In addition, by June 30 they must submit a brief report to the Provost and the Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence regarding the activities undertaken with the grant proceeds.

DIrect all questions to Ed Kairiss, CTE DIrector (