AIC Use Policy

AIC Use Policy

The Bryant University Academic Innovation Center is a canvas for innovative teaching. Designed to support activities that relate directly to the academic mission of Bryant University, it is a place to explore how processes, tools and methods can impact the learning process, and to develop new teaching strategies and methods and bring them into the classroom.

AIC spaces are designed to be responsive and flexible to the needs of students and teachers, and users of these spaces are expected to contribute to our exploration of innovative teaching and learning.

AIC spaces are used for:

  • Regularly scheduled Bryant University classes and associated activities such as office hours, tutorials, and study sessions
  • Individual and group study in classrooms, breakout rooms, and the AIC forum
  • Showcasing of student projects that are associated with undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Workshops and other group sessions that are sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development or other Academic units
  • Meetings and activities sponsored by an officially recognized Student Academic Club.

Events and activities that support the athletic, co-curricular, cultural and community initiatives of the Bryant University mission should continue to use the many other appropriate spaces in the Bello Center, The Fisher Student Center, the Ronald K. and Kati C. Machtley Interfaith Center, and the Unistructure.

For more information or to inquire about use of AIC space please email

To request the use of an AIC space, please complete the AIC Request Form.

Building Hours for the Fall 2017 Term:

Monday – Thursday:

7am – 11pm
7am – 8pm
9am – 8pm
10am – 11pm

Building Hours for Homecoming Weekend

Friday, September 22:
Saturday, September 23:
Sunday, September 24:

7am – 8pm
9am – 1:30pm
10am – 11pm