linkedin learning

All Bryant students, faculty, and staff now have unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning’s vast library of 17,000+ online courses covering a wide range of supplemental education as well as professional and personal development skills. From the fields of business, design, and technology to communication, health, and wellness, these high-quality courses are available FREE and on demand 24/7.

Additional benefits of LinkedIn Learning include:

  • Completion certificates that can be posted to your LinkedIn profile.
  • The ability to access learning at any time.
  • New courses added constantly.
  • Courses taught by thousands of top instructors from around the world.
  • A great mobile app for learning on the go.

Enjoy lifelong learning!

access Linkedin Learning from canvas

Along with accessing LinkedIn Learning from the Bryant Portal, faculty and students will be able to access LinkedIn Learning right from within their Canvas course. Starting Summer 2023, all courses within Canvas will have a new course menu link called LinkedIn Learning Hub.

add a linkedin learning video to a module in canvas

Faculty can add a LinkedIn Learning video and/or full course to a module to further assist students on a particular topic. Videos and/or courses added to a module in this manner are not linked to an assessment, but are rather supplemental content for the students.

Click on Modules from your course menu and either create a new module, or find an existing module that you wish to add the LinkedIn Learning video.

  • Click the ‘+’ button on the module.


  • Choose ‘Page’ from the dropdown.

  • Click ‘Create Page’ and give the page a name.
  • Click ‘Add Item’.


  • Click the page you just created and click ‘Edit’ in the top right-hand corner.
  • In the Rich Content Editor (RCE) click the ‘Apps’ icon and choose ‘LinkedIn Learning’.


  • In the new window that appears, you can search for a video or use the history button to see a list of videos you have already used/watched.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button once you have found your video.


  • Click ‘Confirm’ to add your video selection to the page.


  • Click ‘Save and Publish’ to make the page visible for your students.

create a linkedin learning assignment

Using the standard Canvas Assignment tool, faculty are able to import videos and/or full courses from LinkedIn Learning right in your course as a graded assignments. The advantages of importing content from LinkedIn Learning into Canvas as an assignment are that you may offer your students due dates and/or restrict access to the content to particular groups or sections.

To start, click on the Assignments link from your Canvas course menu.

  • Click the ‘+Assignment’ button.


  • You can enter a name and description for the assignment, but these fields will get overwritten by the title and description of the video you choose.
  • Enter a point value for the assignment and set the ‘Assignment Group’ and ‘Display Grade as’.


  • Change ‘Submission Type’ to External Tool and click Find.


  • Search the list and select (click) ‘LinkedIn Learning’.


  • The LinkedIn Learning search window will open. Search for the title or topic of the video or course you want to assign to your students.
  • Click the ‘Add’ button beside the video title card to select the video that will be attached to the assignment.


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘Confirm’.


Select the Load This Tool in a New Tab check box IF you want your students taken to the LinkedIn Learning site to watch the video. Leaving the box unchecked will keep students on your assignment page to watch the video. (Keeping students on your assignment page may be less distracting.)

  • If required, set an access date and time, a due date and decide whether the whole class (Everyone) can see the assignment or individual people and/or groups.

  • Select the Save & Publish button at the bottom of the page.

linkedin learning collections and learning paths

Collections are an assembly of content, like a playlist, where videos and complete courses from all areas of LinkedIn Learning into one place. Individually videos or sections within a course can be added to a collection. Creating learning collections is a great way to categorize content you’re interested in learning.

Learning paths will indicate a specific series of courses and videos that you’d like your learner to take in sequence. They are designed to help your students acquire a specific skill set or knowledge in a particular area. You can create learning paths for your students, or you can use one of the many already available on LinkedIn Learning. Some examples of learning paths already available are:

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