LinkedIn Learning

How Bryant Faculty can use LinkedIn Learning within their Blackboard Courses

In many courses there are required or supplemental skills that will increase a student’s ability to be successful. For example, in a Business class, students may need working knowledge of Microsoft Excel to successfully complete assignments. However, teaching Excel in-class may not fit into the course structure. As an option, LinkedIn Learning has professional video tutorials on these types of skills that instructors can provide for students without having to take away in-class time from teaching course content.

All Bryant faculty, students, and staff have access to LinkedIn Learning, and instructors can assign a lesson, or sections of a course, for students to complete as part of the course requirment. Alternately, the instrucotr can refer students to those courses as a resource to increase their skills in these areas if they need extra instruction.

Sharing a LinkedIn Learning video within Blackboard

An instructor can share an entire course or specific videos within their course for students to complete!


  • Log into Blackboard

  • Go to your courser where you want to share a video

  • In the content area where you want to add the videos, click on Partner Content and then Content Market
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Browse All Content Providers and then select LinkedIn Learning

  • Search the LinkedIn Learning catalogue for lessons by entering a topic in the Search filed or search by choosing the Browse list

  • Select by checking the box next to the videos you would like to embed in your Blackboard Course. You can choose multiple courses at once

  • Click Submit

  • Confirm the Destination Folder or click Browse to select where you would like the videos to appear to students in your Blackboard course
  • An item will be created for each video inside your Blackboard course