aic innovation forum

The forum presents a unique environment that can support a variety of teaching and learning activities. With an overall capacity of 300, it is outfitted with several types of furnishings:

  • Tables and chairs that can be moved and rearranged for small group activities, as well as larger events such as town halls, debates, presentations, etc.
  • Soft seating for small group sessions and conversations
  • Movable whiteboards that can be used to create defined areas for collaborative work

The typical setup and arrangement for the forum include:

  • 3 small rounds with 4 chairs each
  • 5 small squares with 4 chairs each
  • 6 rectangular tables with 4 chairs each
  • 10 high top tables with 4 stools each

The forum also boasts two large media walls and built-in audio for presentations.

The forum has a booking process that requires Provost booking review and approval that can take up to a month. Use of the forum for course-related activities and other academic events should be planned in advance.

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