the syllabus

A course syllabus is an invitation to students to participate in your course by informing them of its rationale, learning outcomes, and content of the course and by providing an overview of the kinds of pedagogy, learning, and participation they can expect. It is the reference document for the course to which students can refer for logistical information including the course schedule, office hours, required materials, and services available to them. 

By clarifying expectations and responsibilities, it serves as a type of agreement between you and your students. It documents expectations for assignments, assessments, grade allocations, and student responsibilities.

the invitation

What type of tone do you set in design and content of your syllabus? Do you think of your syllabus as an established roadmap for the class, dynamic document, or something in between?

Below are some great resources to help you decide on the type of syllabus you want to design:

the reference document

What type of information do you include in your syllabus? For example, does your syllabus contain course details, pedagogical philosophies, as well as university resources?

Resources to help you design and create an effective syllabus:

the agreement

How do you want students to interact with the syllabus? Do you encourage active involvement and questions about the syllabus?

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