academic testing center (atc)

The Academic Testing Center (ATC) is a new facility at Bryant located on the third floor of the Unistructure in suite M34. We provide a distraction free testing area for students with the goal of maximizing student performance while maintaining test integrity. In addition to our large testing space where we can accommodate up to 30 students, we have two rooms specifically for students who may need assistive technology, low light, scribes and/or readers.  We strongly suggest faculty use the Testing Center for students with testing accommodations.

The room is equipped with:

  • Large academic testing room with individual desks and partitions
  • Spaces monitored by proctor and cameras
  • Two individual testing rooms for students who need special accommodations
  • Staff work room, office, and check-in counter
  • Lockers for student’s personal belongings to be stored while taking exams
  • Dedicated restroom facility

There are two ways to contact the ATC. 

  • Email:
  • Call: (401) 232-6830


The ATC is open at 7:30 am Monday through Friday.  As we learn the patterns of use, we will be looking at our closing time.  Our goal is to support students with a variety of schedules.  If you teach an evening course please consult with our Testing Center staff to determine how we can support you and your students.

There are three mechanisms that protect test integrity. 

  • Test handling: Tests can be collected from and returned to professors via secure One Drive folders specifically created for this purpose.  The folder will be shared with you and Testing Center staff will print out the test for the student.  Alternately professors can bring hard copies of tests to the ATC.  Students are not permitted to handle tests.
  • Prevention: Students are not permitted to bring any personal belongings into the testing room save those approved by the professor in advance, (e.g., a calculator, formula sheet).  With a dedicated rest room in the ATC suite, students will not have to leave the ATC to tend to their personal needs.   Lockers are used to store student belongings and all testing materials such as paper, pens and pencils are provided.
  • Monitoring: Students will take their tests in a room with active proctoring and video surveillance.
  1. Complete the Test Cover Sheet which can be found in your Testing Center shared One Drive folder.  This can be completed electronically and dropped back into the shared folder, or printed out, completed by hand and submitted with the test.  Complete the form for each student testing.  You can complete the Test Cover Sheet and submit it independently, either before or after the student books their test.
  2. Submit your test and the Test Center Cover Sheet at least two business days ahead of time to the ATC by dropping it into the shared One Drive folder or deliver a hard copy to the ATC – there is an after-hours secure drop box located to the right of the ATC front door.
  3. After your student completes the test, it will be returned to you in one of two ways.  It can be scanned and uploaded to your shared One Drive folder, or it can be picked up at the ATC.  You can indicate which of these you prefer on the Test Cover Sheet. 

No. It is between the professor and the individual student to determine where the student will take classroom tests.  The testing center was designed to provide testing accommodations in a low-distraction environment.  If you and the student choose to arrange for the extended time on your own, please ensure that they have a quiet environment.  Please do not ask students with testing accommodations to work on their exam while other students are coming in and out of the room. 

Before administering a test, please make an in-class announcement asking students with testing accommodations to book their test with the ATC.  We require at least two days’ notice from both students and faculty when using the ATC.   

The purpose of the ATC is to support our students with testing accommodations such as extended time, distraction free spaces, use of a scribe or a screen reader. As we learn about the use patterns of the Center, we plan to offer services to other populations such as student-athletes who miss tests due to team travel.  We do not provide proctoring for in-class exams.   

Students will schedule their tests via an online portal, within the parameters set by the professor. 

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