CTE Staff

Ilisabeth Bornstein

Interim Director

Ilisabeth is a 2020 CTE Faculty Fellow and served as the inaugural Faculty Associate in 2021 before transitioning to Interim Director in 2022.  She has been involved in all stages of CTE programming and strategic planning, including development of the Curated Class Feedback initiative and leadership of the CTE Faculty Fellows.  Liz is also a Lecturer in Legal Studies and Pre-Law Advisor at Bryant.

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Stephen Payne

Associate Director of Educational Technologies

Stephen has been with Bryant since 2002 and is responsible for a broad range of educational technologies. He is highly skilled and focused on teaching and learning innovation through educational technology. With over ten years’ experience training and supporting educators in higher education, Stephen is also strongly knowledgeable in Instructional design at all levels.

Constanza Bartholomae

Associate Director of Teaching Support

Constanza joined Bryant in July of 2020. She is an experienced educator, faculty trainer, and course designer. Constanza supports a variety of CTE programs and initiatives, faculty development workshops and individual faculty consultations, and our inclusive excellence efforts. She holds an MA in Spanish as well as an MBA in Management.

Laura McNulty

Associate Director for AIC and Academic Events

Laura joined Bryant in 2022 in a multi-faceted role.  She is the point person for all oversight and day-to-day operations of the Academic Innovation Center.  Laura also provides planning and logistical support for major Academic Affairs events, including the IDEA program.  You will find Laura in the CTE office, where she assists the CTE with programming, communications, and administrative support.

2022 faculty associate

Ryan Marnane

Lecturer in English and Cultural Studies & Faculty Associate

Ryan Marnane is a Lecturer in English and Cultural Studies with interests in interdisciplinary pedagogies both within and outside the classroom setting. As a 2021-22 Faculty Fellow, Ryan instituted the On Pedagogy program to build space for faculty conversations about teaching, and he organized many workshops and programs designed around inclusivity, including Universal Design for Learning.  In addition to continuing these efforts, Ryan oversees the Fellows program and associated programming, and assists the Director of the CTE with general strategic planning and organization to facilitate the Center’s continued growth.

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2022 faculty fellows

Allison Butler

Professor of Psychology and Director of the Bryant IDEA Program

Allison Butler is a Professor of Psychology and Director of the Bryant IDEA Program. Her research focuses on learning and cognition in K-12 populations, environmental influences on children, and higher education pedagogy. As a second-year Fellow, she will continue building out the CTE’s strategy, mission, and presence, while expanding the CTE’s focus on experiential learning in physical spaces.

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Maura Dowling

Lecturer in Finance

Maura Dowling is a Lecturer in Finance who is interested in helping learners understand and use their metacognitive abilities.  As a first-year Fellow, she will help the CTE expand and implement DEIB programming across the curriculum.

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Gao Niu

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Gao Niu is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics whose research interests span Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and Actuarial Science. As a second-year Fellow, he will help expand the CTE’s capacity to promote and produce scholarship of teaching and learning, and he will continue to support annual CTE programming.

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Mehreen Pasha

Lecturer of Marketing and Management

Mehreen Pasha is a Lecturer of Marketing and Management whose research interests lie in the field of retail management and marketing.  She is also the DECA advisor.  As a first-year Fellow, she will support and develop all aspects of CTE programming, including the Annual Teaching and Learning Summit.

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Joan Zaretti

Lecturer of English and Cultural Studies

Joan Zaretti is a Lecturer of English and Cultural Studies with teaching and research interests in world music, music education, and creativity and the arts. As a second-year Fellow, she will continue to promote designs and practices for creating an inclusive syllabus as well as options for incorporating creativity and reflection into classroom pedagogies.  She will also spearhead the CTE’s outreach program to provide one on one teaching consultations and support to faculty, and help plan the Annual Teaching and Learning Summit.

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Cathy Zheng

Assistant Professor of Finance

Cathy Zheng is an Assistant Professor of Finance with scholarly interests in international and corporate finance. As a second-year Fellow, she will continue exploring the implementation of ethics across the curriculum, and she will guide and manage assessment by and of the CTE.

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