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Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence



Associate Director of Teaching Support


Photo of Mary Boehmer, Assistant Director of Educational Technologies

Mary Catherine Boehmer

Assistant Director of Educational Technologies



Associate Director for AcademIC innovation center & Academic Events


faculty fellows

Lindsay Amper Headshot

Lindsay Amper

Lecturer of Psychology

Lindsay is in the School of Health and Behavioral Science, completing her second year of teaching in the Psychology Department. She also practices as an outpatient therapist in Massachusetts. She teaches Introduction to Psychology and courses focused on Counseling Psychology. One of the central focuses of her teaching is on creating a safe community that encourages open and honest dialogue in the classroom. 


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Carrie Kell Headshot

Carrie Kell
writing lecturer & Interim Coordinator of First-year writing

Carrie is a member of the College of Arts & Sciences and has taught college-level writing courses for 15 years. She serves as interim coordinator for the first-year writing program at Bryant University. Her research interests include the interplay of writing, technology, and pedagogy. Currently pursuing an EdD in Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Wyoming, Carrie’s dissertation examines the uncertainties, challenges, and opportunities surrounding appropriate use and implementation of AI models in writing curriculum.

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