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Student Feedback from October 3, 2022 Workshop with Cathy Johnson – Artist and Cartoonist
Prof. Martha Kuhlman’s LCS468: The Graphic Novel


  • I really liked that we got to produce our own personal work while still having structure and guidance. Cathy was very good at getting people involved and making people enjoy drawing their comics.

  • I felt the workshop was particularly rewarding. I am not confident in my drawing abilities, but the workshop pushed me to try my best. The instructor’s ability to engage with the entire room stood out to me. I felt we were all actively involved and participating.

  • I enjoyed the presenters enthusiasm very infectious and pushed me along in my doodling.

  • She really enjoyed what she did, and had a fun time.

  • I like how she gave us insight on interacting with publishers and I like how she taught us drawing techniques that real artists practice.

  • The thing that stood out to me was that this was something I have never done before. It is always nice to be able to do something more engaging in class.

  • For future workshops I hope to see similar types of presentations as I feel this was helpful in rounding out the course with a very hands-on continuation of the course material.

  • The workshop was highly engaging throughout. Writing and creating comics helped me understand the way other authors would create their own including the art styles they’d wish to implement. The process of making comics also served as a start for honing my skills for the final project. I hope future workshops are as fun, engaging, and in line with the themes of the class as this workshop was.

  • This was a very fun and informational workshop. It was one thing to read comics but to be able to draw them as a class was really cool. it really brought to light how the process of making graphic novels went. What stood out to me the most was how she was an award-winning author and helped us learn the basics of graphic novels.

  • I found the workshop to be really helpful and useful in terms thinking and working creatively which helped open my mind to new ideas. Furthermore, I learned of several new ways to express emotions and a story through a comic format based on her suggestions of what she found worked well in her own comics.

  • I really enjoyed the workshop and being able to create my own story. Coming into the class I did not have the confidence that I would be able to create my own graphic novel but the workshop helped tremendously. What stood out to me was the time and effort that goes into a full graphic novel. I really enjoyed hearing her speak about her own experiences as she created and distributed her own work. For future workshops, I would do the same exact workshop as we did. I am being 100% honest, I enjoyed every second we spent in that workshop and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you. 

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