VoiceThread is a web-based application designed for people to have asynchronous conversation about shared digital media like images, videos, documents and presentations. Each VoiceThread discussion consists of slides – just like a presentation – and each slide contains a piece of digital media. These slides can be commented on by anyone with permission to access to the VoiceThread discussion.

With its interactive voice, video, and text functionalities, VoiceThread supports online presence for students to collaboratively and critically construct personal meaning through communication and reflection (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2000).

VoiceThread is:

  • Cloud based so there is no software that needs to be installed.
  • Accessible from any computer or web-browser. There is even a mobile app!
  • Integrated with Canvas so no username or password to remember. Access it straight from the LMS!
  • Integrated into Canvas so you can create VoiceThread (VT) assignments that link with the Grades area.
  • Secure with faculty and students having complete control over who can and cannot access their VoiceThreads.
  • Bringing the human element to your online and hybrid courses!



VoiceThread has a number of training documents covering a vast number of topics. 


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How to Create a VoiceThread

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How to Add a Comment to a VoiceThread

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Multimedia Lectures and Discussions: Creating Asynchronous Learning Objects with VoiceThread

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Create Engaging Discussions with VoiceThread