• Securing Your Zoom Meetings

In light of the recent security concerns and “Zoombombings” surrounding use of Zoom, faculty are encouraged to use additional steps to ensure the privacy of their Zoom meetings. As with all security measures, it involves establishing a balance between convenience and risk level. While there are a number of measures that you can take, the following 2 are highly recommended:

  1. Keep your Zoom client updated.   While Zoom will typically inform you if an update is available, you can always  check by clicking on your profile icon in the top right of the Zoom app and selecting “Check for Update”:
  2. Encourage all of your students to establish a Bryant Zoom account by going to http://bryant.zoom.us and logging in with their Bryant credentials. If they previously had a non-Bryant Zoom account they will need to log out of that and ensure they are logging in with Bryant Single Sign On.
  3. Enable Waiting Rooms:  If enabled, anyone who attempts to join your meeting will be placed in a “Waiting Room” and will receive a notice that the host (whoever scheduled the meeting) will let them into the meeting at the appropriate opportunity.   This feature might be particularly useful for online Office Hours if you want to meet with only one student at a time. The others will be “queued up” in the waiting room, and you can see who is there (and admit them) by opening the “Participants” panel in Zoom.:

The waiting Room feature can be enabled in your “Meeting Settings” window on Zoom:

Note that there is an option to enable this for “All participants” or only for “Guest participants”. Guests are those who are trying to join the meeting but have not authenticated with their Bryant ZOOM credentials. You should choose the Guest option only if you are confident that all of your students have logged into http://bryant.zoom.us and established a basic Zoom account.
A downside to having a waiting room, particularly for large meetings such as a class session, is that (unless the “Guest only” option is used) you will have to admit each participant individually and pay attention to “latecomers” who may be held up in the waiting room until you have the opportunity to admit them.
The Bryant Zoom account has  enabled the Waiting Room as a default for all meetings that will be scheduled in the future. However, you can disable this feature for your meetings and should verify that the setting is appropriate for your meetings when you schedule them.

  1. Allow only Authenticated Users to Join your meeting. This will ensure that only those with Bryant credentials are able to join your meetings.  Note that participants must be logged into the Bryant Zoom account.

    1. Other security precautions are described at: