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Teaching Support Questions

  • All Bryant instructors have been added to a Blackboard course called “Teaching Online In a Pinch“. In addition to several short, self-paced modules on effective online teaching, there is also a Discussion Board for sharing ideas and practices. Contact Michael Bennett if you do not see this course in your Blackboard Dashboard.
  • Daily training sessions on Blackboard Collaborate are available, online and in person, for faculty to become familiar with this online teaching tool. 
  • Zoom licenses are available for all faculty who wish to teach with this tool. Training sessions on Zoom will begin on Monday 3/16. Contact for information.
  • Bonnie Budd, Director of Online Learning, is arranging sessions with individual Departments to go over some basic tips for online pedagogy.
  • Individual consultations are available with  Stephen Payne or Ed Kairiss or Bonnie Budd.
  • Online Teaching Tools Technical Training: The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is offering a series of workshops to provide technical training on Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate. Visit for details and to sign up.
  • Online Pedagogy Training: The Bryant Online Learning Team (BOLT) is offering three successive opportunities which build upon one another.
    • First, complete the 3.5 hour self-paced module in Blackboard, “Teaching Online in a Pinch”.
    • Then, attend a virtual “online huddles” with BOLT via Zoom. These are set up at the request of department chairs with an email to Bonnie Budd, Director of Online Learning.
    • Finally, consider signing up with Dr. Budd for ½ hour consultations that are available for individual faculty with specific teaching challenges and questions.
  • Additional Technology support information can be found at
  • Look at our Online Quick Guide
  • We highly recommend searching the LinkedIn Learning catalog for training materials. Access information can be found at

While the library cannot digitize text books or videos for to copyright concerns, the library staff can assist you in locating alternative text book chapters or articles through already licensed databases, eBooks or open educational resources. Additionally, the library can investigate streaming media options for your students if find are part of your curriculum.


You can contact the library in a variety of ways including text message and online chat.

According to the email from President Machtley on Tuesday, 3/10… “Monday, March 16, will be an in-service day for all faculty and staff to test technology and assure we are prepared for regularly scheduled class times for online delivery beginning on Tuesday, March 17”.

Some students are familiar with Blackboard Collaborate.  You may wish to share the following video with them before your classes begin.

Collaborate is built into Blackboard and thus resembles a “virtual classroom” with features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, audio/video and chat communications with and among students. A Collaborate meeting is accessed from within Blackboard and available to all students in a course.

ZOOM is a stand-alone technology, and all Bryant users have their own “meeting space”. A ZOOM user can invite anyone else, Bryant or otherwise, to a virtual meeting with audio, video, chat, and screen sharing,  

Both platforms can record sessions for later viewing.   ZOOM video tends to be of better quality, and a ZOOM meeting can have all attendees share their audio and video simultaneously, Collaborate can support 250 participants, but limits the number o participants who can speak or share their video at any one time.

See Collaborate user guide and ZOOM Support Center

Visit for online videos and support documents related to Blackboard Collaborate.

In Blackboard Collaborate, you can create breakout groups for students; as instructor you can assign yourself to one group, but you can also monitor other groups. See the instructions at

You can do breakout groups in ZOOM as well;  see

It helps to practice these techniques with some friendly volunteers in advance.   Contact if you would like to arrange such a session.

Make a scheduled (recurring) meeting in ZOOM –

If it’s an unlocked Course Room anyone in the class can click on the link and join this room. (first example below).  We encourage faculty to use this unlocked room unless they really needed to create sessions.  If you create a session the student would click on the session and then select the option to “Join Room” (second example below).

If you have added files to share in the Share Content section of Collaborate, but do not have a “Share Now” button at the bottom of the screen, here is the likely solution: Turn off the adblocking Chrome extension. To do so:

  1. Click on the small red stop sign with the letters ABP, found near the top right corner of your browser
  2. Toggle the switch to turn off the blocking of ads for “This Page.” 
  3. This will then provide you an option to refresh the page.  Do so, then return to the Share Content section.
  4. Click on the file you wish to share, which will highlight it by turning it black. 
  5. When you do so the “Share Now” button will appear. 
  6. If this does not work, try using the Firefox browser instead of Chrome. 


You can share videos with audio from sources like Youtube or even our own Panopto service. Check out how here: Share a Video (with audio) in Collaborate via a Chrome Tab

In ZOOM, you can access a report on past meetings to see a participant list. See instructions here: Attendance Reporting in Zoom and a ZOOM article here.

In Blackboard Collaborate, see instructions here: Attendance Reporting in BB Collaborate Ultra and Blackboard help here.

ZOOM has a “Breakout Room pre-assign” option. This allows you to set up your breakout rooms before the Zoom session begins.

  • In your Zoom account settings at click “Meeting” in the left navigation and choose the meeting you would like to edit.
  • Once on the meeting you would like to choose, click “Edit this meeting” at the bottom of the page.
  • Check “Breakout Room pre-assign” 
  • Click “Create Rooms” and click the “+” sign next to “Rooms” to create the desired amount of rooms.
  • Add rooms and participants via their Bryant email address and click “enter” so they are added into the room.

*Students will need to have a Zoom account with their Bryant email address to be added to the breakout room, so you may want to tell them to do this via announcements if you plan to use this feature.
**Breakout rooms will be created for the meeting you set it up for, so if you have multiple classes with different required breakout rooms, you will have to create separate Zoom meetings for this using the “Schedule a Meeting” feature.
***See Michael Bennett’s step by step guide here: Zoom Breakout Room Pre-assign
****See the detailed ZOOM document here.

Technology Questions

Some basic troubleshooting steps include: Reboot your computer, try a different computer or device, use a wired Ethernet connection if available, execute a speedtest.  If there is no improvement, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or contact the IS Helpdesk.

Make sure that your audio settings are correct. If you are using a headset, you will need to switch default audio output to the headset on your computer. 

Please contact the IS Helpdesk as more information is needed to assist. 

Media Services has a limited number of Web cameras and headsets for loan. However, we highly recommend that faculty consider purchasing their own.  

Students should contact Laptop Central. 

Laptop Central in the Bello Center

Monday – Thursday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
(401) 232-6550

You can use Blackboard Collaborate to hold your office hours.  In Collaborate, click “Create A Session” and title it Office Hours, and set the open and close time for the session.

If you want that session to be available to all of your courses,  you can copy the “Guest Link” and send it to all of your courses and sections. As the instructor, you must log in to the session you created rather than using the guest link.    

Creating a Session:

Guest Links:

General Questions

The Bryant campus is not closed.  Per the email from President Machtley on Tuesday, 3/10… “Although the campus will remain open, Bryant will move to a schedule of online classes effective Tuesday, March 17, through Friday, March 27. All on-campus classes will be suspended during this period and all classrooms will be closed.”

Classrooms will be locked for Facilities to perform a deep clean and disinfectant.  Breakout Rooms and Conference Rooms will be available in both the Unistructure and the AIC.  You can hold an online class from your office or from home. 

Monday classes are suspended. According to the email from President Machtley on Tuesday, 3/10… “Monday, March 16, will be an in-service day for all faculty and staff to test technology and assure we are prepared for regularly scheduled class times for online delivery beginning on Tuesday, March 17”.

The Academic Innovation Center will be open regular business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm; the classrooms have been sanitized and will be kept locked.  The library will be open regular business hours Sunday 10am-1:30am, Monday-Thursday 7:30am-1:30am, Saturday 9am-6pm.

According to a Bryant Alerts sent on Wednesday, 3/11 “The Chace Athletic and Wellness Center and Bulldog Strength and Conditioning will be closed from March 12 through March 27.  This will include the fitness center, group exercise, pool, and all courts”. 

According to an email from President Machtley on Wednesday, 3/11…“Whether online teaching will continue beyond March 27 is an unknown.  My guess is that it may very well have to continue, but we will monitor developments and make a decision on March 26.”

According to an email from President Machtley on Tuesday, 3/10…” postpone or cancel all upcoming March events of 50 or more people.”