Blackboard Grade Center

Blackboard Grade Center

What is the Blackboard Grade Center?

The Blackboard Grade Center can be a very effective tool in keeping both you and your students up-to-date on their performance. 

Using categories, a weighted total column and proper tagging on new assessment columns, Blackboard’s Grade Center can be used to calculate a running total for each student’s grade. Regardless if you use Blackboard to deliver assignments, assessments and other grade-able activities, or just manually enter grades into manually created columns, the process is the same and so is the outcome.

By providing this information to students, they will know where they stand in your course at any point in the semester, relieving you of the question… “What is my grade professor?”

This transparency will allow you and your students to devote more resources to the tasks that demand your time.

For an illustrated PDF on how to setup your Grade Center to calculate your students weighted grades, click Blackboard Grade Center Setup”  or the icon above.