August Updates

Greetings from the Office of Faculty Development! We hope that you are enjoying the excellent summer weather and we’re looking forward to seeing you back on campus in September.   Here are a few updates on things we’ve been working on:

  • Curated Class Feedback (CCF) Program – following a successful pilot last term, we would like to offer all faculty the opportunity to have a facilitated feedback session with their class this term. If you are interested, please plan on making a 30-minute slot available in your class sometime in October mid-term.   For more information on the program, see
  • We try to organize one or more Book/Journal reading groups every term. A Book Group can meet on a regular basis to discuss a recently published book of general or specific interest, while a Journal Group’s members each volunteer to lead the discussion on one or two journal articles each meeting.  If you are interested and would like to join or lead a group, email us at and we’ll help organize and communicate.
  • Some faculty have shown interest in incorporating the Data Visualization Lab (DVL) into their courses.  We are configuring several applications for the Lab, and invite all faculty who haven’t had a chance to visit yet to do so; arrange a time by email to In response to faculty who have expressed an interest in learning how to develop 360 video and immersive VR content, we will be arranging a series of  workshops on Unity software, the leading development platform for creating interactive VR experiences.  Please indicate your availability and interest by completing the Doodle poll at
  • Associated with the DVL  are several 360-degree Video Cameras available for  short-term loan. We can also provide some quick training on use and ideas for incorporating into your curriculum. See for more information and examples.
  • Together with Bill Zywiak, the Academic Affairs Research Coordinator, we will again be organizing the regular series of Faculty Research Talks. Please contact Bill if you would like to present on  proposed, ongoing, or completed research. (

Save the Date – Nov 13 – Faculty Forum on Diversity

Please visit for updated resources and documentation, including some new ideas on The First Day of Class and the updated Bryant Faculty Guide.

Stay tuned for more details on all of the above!